Payment Gateways

Our integrated payment gateway is now available! Find out more here.

Although we do our best to keep information regarding payment gateways up to date, the information below is subject to change due to factors outside our control.

Please read the important information below relating to changes resulting from the Azure migration that took place in April 2024.

If you're not using EventsAir Pay, we strongly recommend you select your payment gateway carefully. 

Some payment gateways require a static IP address to be whitelisted on their end in order to take payments. 

The Azure Migration required changes to this method of authentication.

The gateways listed below will not work the same way after April 2024.

Directly affected customers have been sent multiple communications and most issues have been resolved. If a gateway you currently use is listed here and you're not sure what to do, please reach out to our Support team ASAP.

If you're using ANY 2-tier gateway, including but not limited to these ones which are known to use whitelisting of a static IP address listed below - you need to choose a 3-tier gateway. (Talk to your Account Manager if you'd like to know more about EventsAir Pay):

  • Chase Paymentech Orbital Gateway XML
  • iTransact
  • Flo2Cash
  • PayStation
  • Westpac Payway

If you use a 3-tier gateway listed below, that uses IP whitelisting, you should have received an email from us to discuss next steps. If you haven't yet received an email from us or spoken to your account manager, please contact Support ASAP.

BinancePay  -  SE Asia 
Cashfree Hosted  -  SE Asia
ChasePaymentTech European -  Australia (East); Europe (Western) 
EPay  -  Europe (Western)

GestPay Api 
GetNetHostedPaymentPage   -  Australia (East); USA (West); Canada (East)
GlobalIris  -  Australia (East); Canada (East); may also be called Realex Hosted Payment Page
ICICI FirstData [also known as FiServe]  -  SE Asia
PayUBiz  -  SE Asia
PayWay Hosted Payment Page  -  Australia (East); SE Asia
Realex Hosted - see GlobalIris
Saferpay Hosted Page 
iTransactSplitForm   -  Australia (East); USA (West & Southern Central)

  • 3-tier payment gateways provide a higher level of security and use newer technology.

  • 2-tier gateways pose a greater security risk and are no longer being supported.

3-Tier Payment Gateways

Generally, three-tier gateways offer a high level of security and allow responses to be encrypted so that these gateways aren’t vulnerable to cardwashing attacks. 

EventsAir Pay provides the enhanced security of a three-tier gateway AND your attendees don't have to be redirected to an external payment page. Therefore we recommend EventsAir Pay for increased security and convenience.

If you're NOT using EventsAir Pay, below are the external 3-tier gateways currently integrated with, and available to be used, in EventsAir. These 3-tier gateways use a hosted payment page. This means when proceeding through an interactive site, an attendee is redirected to a payment page hosted entirely in the e-commerce gateway’s environment. 

*Please note that any gateways listed with an asterisk* have a similarly named 2-tier option. You should double-check you have selected the three-tier gateway before finalizing your setup.

Adyen  -  Australia (East); SE Asia; Europe (Western)
*ANZEGate South Pacific (Fiji/Samoa/Cook Islands/PNG)  -  Pacific regions & SE Asia
*Authorize Hosted Payment   -  USA (West & Southern Central); Canada (Central)
*AxcessMS Server-to-Server with 3D Secure  -  Europe (Western)
AxeptaHPP  -  Europe (Western)
AxeptaPaymentGateway   -  Europe (Western)
Barclaycard  -  Australia (East); Europe (Western)
*BlueSnap Hosted Checkout   -  Europe (Western)
Borgun SaltPay Hosted Payment [name changing to Teya]  -  Europe (Western)
*BPoint 3 Party Redirect   -  Australia (Central & East); SE Asia
Cardlink  -  Europe (Western)
Cashnet 3-Tier  -  Australia (East); USA (West & Southern Central); SE Asia
Cashnet eMarket   -  Australia (East); USA (West & Southern Central); Europe (Western)
CBM  -  Canada (East)
CCAvenues  -  Australia (East); SE Asia, Europe (Western)
Cecabank  -  Europe (Western)
*CommWebCheckout   -  Australia (East); SE Asia
CompuTopHosted  -  Australia (East); Europe (Western)
*Cybersource Secure Acceptance Web/Mobile  -  USA (West & Southern Central); Australia (East); SE Asia; Europe (Western)
*DataTrans Webshop   -  Europe (Western)
DIBSD2  -  Europe (Western)
*DokuHpp  -  Australia (East)
DPSPxPay  -  Australia (East); SE Asia; Europe (Western)
EasyPayWireCard [See Wirecard EasyPay]  -  Australia (East); SE Asia
EBSDirectMode  -  Australia (East); SE Asia; Europe (Western)
EMerchantPay  -  Australia (East); USA (West); Canada (East)
EUPlatesc  -  Australia (East)
*EwayRapid Direct Connection   -  Australia (Central & East); SE Asia
*EwayRapid Responsive Sharepage  -  Australia (Central & Eastern); SE Asia
Exact  -  USA (West); Canada (East); SE Asia
GlobalTransportSecure   -  Canada (East)
HDFC  -  Australia (East); SE Asia; Europe (Western)
Heidelpay  -  Europe (Western)
Ingenico  -  Australia (East); Europe (Western)
iPay88  -  Australia (East); SE Asia
iVeri  -  Australia (East); Europe (Western)
JustPay  -  SE Asia
*MastercardCheckout   -  Australia (East); SE Asia
Megapos  -  Europe (Western)
Mercanet  -  Australia (East); Europe (Western)
*MerchantWarrior Hosted Payment  -  Australia (East); SE Asia
*MIGS/TNSPay  -  Australia (East); SE Asia; Europe (Western)
MintDirect  -  Australia (East); SE Asia
MintHosted  -  Australia (East); SE Asia
MobilPay  -  Europe (Western)
MolPay  -  SE Asia
*MPay  -  Australia (East); Europe (Western)
NCCC Hosted Payment Page   -  SE Asia
NetsPaymentGateway   -  Europe (Western)
NetworkInternational   -  SE Asia; Europe (Western)
NetworkInternationalNgenius   -  Australia (East); SE Asia; Europe (Western)
NetworkInternationalNgeniusDirect  -  SE Asia; Europe (Western)
NexiXPay  -  Europe (Western)
PayCorp  -  Australia (East)
PayDollarPayGate   -  Australia (East); Europe (Western)
PayEase  -  SE Asia
PayEx  -  SE Asia; Europe (Western)
PayFast  -  Europe (Western)
*PayFort Redirect   -  SE Asia; Europe (Western)
*PayGateWeb3  -  Australia (East); Europe (Western)
Paymark  -  Australia (East)
PayTrail  -  Europe (Western)
PayU  -  Australia (East); SE Asia; Europe (Western)
PayUWebcheckout   -  Europe (Western)
Poli  -  Australia (East)
RbaIP  -  Australia (Central & East)
Redunicre  -  Australia (East)
ReepayCheckout  -  Australia (East)
*SagePay/Opayo 3-Tier   -  Australia (East); Europe (Western)
SecureFrame  -  Australia (East); SE Asia
SecureTrading PaymentGateway   -  Europe (Western)
*Sermepa 3-Tier; Sermepa/Redsys/TPV Virtual  -  Australia (East); Europe (Western)
SP  -  SE Asia
SquarePaymentGateway   -  USA (West & Southern Central); Australia (East); Canada (East & Central)
*St.George Hosted Payment Page  -  Australia (East)
*StripeCheckout   -  Australia (East); USA (West & Southern Central); Canada (East & Central); SE Asia; United Kingdom (South); Europe (Western)
SwedbankPay  -  Europe (Western)
TouchNet  -  Australia (East); USA (Southern Central); Canada (East)
Tranzila  -  Europe (Western)
TripleAHPP  -  SE Asia
USBank  -  USA (Southern Central)
*Valitor  -  Europe (Western)
*Valitor3dSecure   -  Europe (Western)
VCS  -  Australia (East); Europe (Western)
*Wirecard EasyPay 2   -  Australia (East); USA (West); Canada (East): SE Asia
*Wirecard Hosted Payment Page  -  Australia (East); USA (West); Canada (East): SE Asia
*Wirecard SEPA Direct Debit   -  Australia (East); USA (West); Canada (East): SE Asia
*Wirecard/QENTA Checkout Page  -  Australia (East); USA (West); Canada (East): SE Asia
WorldPay  -  SE Asia; Europe (Western)
WorldPayCorporate   -  United Kingdom (South); Europe (Western)
WorldPayXml  -  Europe (Western)
WPM Standard  -  United Kingdom (South); Europe (Western)
WPMGeneric Pathway   -  United Kingdom (South); USA (Southern Central); Europe (Western)
XPay  -  Europe (Western)
Zip  -  SE Asia

2-Tier Payment Gateways

Some 2-tier gateways have been previously supported by EventsAir. These gateways use outdated technology and are not as secure as 3-tier gateways, and are more vulnerable to cardwashing attacks. Due to the security risk these gateways pose, we no longer support them and they will be deprecated very soon. If you are using a 2-tier gateway, please talk to your Account Manager as soon as possible to arrange an alternative.