February Webinar 2023 - Abstract & Presenter Management - Intro


These questions have been collated from the 3 regional webinars. Some questions were asked by more than one person, so you may not see the exact same wording you used in your question.

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Abstracts, Files, Formats

Can you collect abstracts but not use them in presentation slots?

What’s the file size limit for submissions on the Presentation Portal?

Can pictures, figures and captions be submitted as part of the abstract?

For the Abstract Book, can you pull through additional and supporting documents; what formats are available?

An Abstract Book is crucial for our events – even if the trend is towards digital. Are you phasing them out?

Our abstract texts need to be defined and separated: Introduction, Method, Conclusion etc. Can we format it that way?

Reviewing & Editing

After an author has submitted an abstract, can they still add affiliations and other authors?

What is a weighted score?

How do I set up multiple speakers for one presentation so reviewers can see all the other speakers and affiliations?

Is there a limit to the number of authors on one proposal, and can I collect bios for all of them?

How do we include co-presenters’ biographies?

Are you able to see the non-text abstracts in the mobile app? (Attendee App?)

Does the author biography show in the Attendee App or just the biography from the contact person?

What's the process when an abstract is returned for editing? (Can speakers edit an abstract after submission?)

Can we see submissions in PDF format? If an author can’t process changes and I make edits, can I send the author a document to preview?

Can we allocate reviewers randomly (e.g. 3 reviewers per submission) or does it have to be done manually?

Can you see someone’s draft presentation? (If the person doesn’t finish their submission or if they ‘save as draft’)

Can you talk more about emails that go to authors confirming the outcome of their abstract?

In the Presentation Portal, where do the comments show if I enable ‘Show Reviewers Comments’ in settings?

Can we check to see if a reviewer has completed all their reviews?

Sessions & Agendas

How are keywords shared throughout the agenda, and why color code them?

What does this mean “Synchronize session name with paper title” - can it then be changed/overwritten?

How do you get the App to say Theme rather than Topic?

How do you set someone up to be the chairperson (and why)?

What’s the difference between building a concurrent session and building sessions at the same time on two different tracks?

Can I look at a session and see what presentations are linked to it?

Passwords & Accounts

If a speaker is also a reviewer, do they use the same password to access the two portals? (Presentation and Reviewer?)

Sometimes potential submitters create an account, forget their password and don’t get a reset password email(therefore don’t have a record). How do we help prevent this?

How do we prevent duplicate accounts? (Creating one account when they submit an abstract and then another when they register for the event?)

Can presenters register first and then submit their presentation details later?


Will the Abstract Work Flow app let you know if you have too many talks to a time? (i.e more talks than time available.)

How do we set up abstract submission for a symposium-type discussion? (i.e. one author would submit a symposium proposal, then others are invited to submit in response?)

I've ticked all the boxes to show biography, but it doesn't show under affiliations as yours did - any ideas?

Can we get a Fast Track session and webinar on building custom reports and editing existing reports?

Is there a Sandbox event with Abstracts/Presentations set up? And is this topic covered in Fast Track?